Money laundering occurs when criminals disguise the origins and ownership of funds to legitimize illicit activities. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Funding of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) legislation in Malta and in other countries means that there are stringent obligations that need to be met.

Failure to maintain effective AML/CFT systems can result in the involuntary support of the aims of terrorists or other criminal enterprises, regulatory intervention resulting in substantial monetary penalties, and reputational damage.

An organisation’s AML/CFT controls can be easily undermined by a poor culture of compliance. Strong AML culture in an organisation can help prevent shortcomings and help identify issues before they become a concern.

For an organisation to develop strong AML culture, management buy-in and involvement is critical. Managing ML/TF risks and implementing integrated controls to meet compliance objectives should not be done in isolation.

Our team is focused on robust, real-world solutions based on our experience internationally. We understand you want a manageable, pragmatic framework that works within your business – and is fully compliant with the expectations of the regulator.