Suited for small to midsize businesses. We cover everything from accounts payable and travel expenses to statutory filings and annual reports. Since we are tailored for iGaming companies we can also take responsibility for your regulatory filings.


Are you struggling to meet shorter reporting deadlines, or is your finance department not generating the quality you expect. By breaking unnecessary dependencies in the organisation, we can make your team more efficient.


Ever thought you could benefit from having an experienced part-time CFO on your team, with extensive industry experience? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.


We have worked with many different back-end environments, and learnt how to best leverage that data in combination with financials to produce the most valuable management reports. We can help you get in tune with your businesses faster and more accurately.


Are you about to change things around? Maybe there is an IPO around the corner, or are you looking to relocate an entire finance department. Alternatively, you might need to integrate a newly-acquired business into your systems and processes. We will help you with these projects so that your daily tasks do not get left behind.


Most businesses experience a shortfall in staff at some point, be it planned or unexpected. The key success attributes for any interim consultant solution are experience, skills and adaptability. With our sound iGaming experience, we can provide guarantees for a smooth on-boarding process.


By leveraging cloud based technology we can easily set up shared functionality with you local team. Are you looking for someone to take on your accounts payable but want to remain responsible for cash collections? No problem, we will work in the same system on a remote basis, with full transparency.


We partner with Xledger, a leading cloud-based ERP system that allows its customers to have a smooth whenever-wherever approach to their finances. We can assist you with implementation and set-up. Offering you the possibility to leverage our iGaming adapted chart of accounts and accounting dimensions.

Director services

We can assist you with both exec and non-exec director of Key official services.